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Many of our clients have inquired about the possibilities of doing a "Drop Ship" arrangement with us.
What this means is (usually) that they will list the various teas on their website, then, when an order comes in, it is sent to us for fulfillment. The "Drop-Shipper" does not need to stock any inventory, all they need to do is list the items on their website, take the orders, collect the money, send the orders to us, and, of course, pay us for the tea & shipping of same to their customer. The usual Retail Drop-Ship price is 30% OFF the suggested RETAIL Price of the tea.

Wholesale Drop-Shipping works the same way as the RETAIL Drop-Shipping. The difference is the minimum quantities for Wholesale - Initial order must be for at least ONE POUND of Tea, and must be for several teas. Subsequent orders must be for at least TWO POUNDS of several teas. The other difference is that wholesale is usually a B2B Transaction. You'd be selling to other businesses - restaurants, caterers, retail stores, schools, coffee-shops, cafes, etc.

And instead of a markdown rate, you'd be paying the Wholesale Price (which you'd mark-up a bit for resale) and a shipping rate of $ 1.50 to $ 3.00 per Lb. - depending on the destination.

Drop-Ship Programs:
Set-up Fee $ 100.00, for the Retail AND/OR Wholesale Program

You may sign up for the Retail Program, the Wholesale Program or BOTH Programs,
you only need to pay ONE Set-up fee.

For the Set-up fee, you get:

  • 12 Samples of Tea, 1oz each.
  • Additional samples at 50% off the Suggested Retail Price
  • An account set-up in our system
  • A set of plain text labels (FREE) for each of the teas in our inventory.
  • Priority Customer Support for any questions or problems you might have
  • Periodic Newsletters updating Product Availability, New Products, Discontinued Products, Sales & Special Events.
  • Access to the product database, pictures, prices to use on your website and marketing Materials.
  • Access to a series of info handouts on the brewing of tea, the types of tea, the health benefits of Tea and the properties of Matcha.

Your customer orders our products from you. You pay us our RETAIL price MINUS 30%, plus flat-rate shipping of $ 8.00 per order.     YOUR name and address appears on the shipping label, not ours.

Your customer orders our products from you. You pay us our RETAIL price MINUS 20%, plus flat-rate shipping of $ 10.00 per order.     YOUR name and address appears on the shipping label, not ours.

IF an order consists of both Tea & Teaware, food, etc, the shipping is $ 10.00

OUT of STOCK, etc.:
We will send you notifications of items that are Out of Stock or Discontinued, or available only in limited quantities. If an order contains an Out of Stock item, we will advise you of when we will be getting more in. You can then advise your customer and see if they wish to wait, or substitute another item.

SHIPPING COSTS are NOT refundable. Tea and Food items are NOT returnable for any reason. Teaware and accessories ARE returnable in the event of damage in shipment. They may also be returned for other reasons. provided they are returned in the original unit packaging.

If your customer wants to return an item, please call us first for authorization.
All returns are to be shipped at the customer’s expense to:

The Tea Shack (LV)
Returns Dept.
2630 Wyandotte St. #10
Las Vegas, NV. 89102

Please place all drop-ship orders via e-mail to

All retail drop-ship orders will be billed 100% at time of shipping.
Large or Custom Orders will be billed 50% at placement of order, 50% at shipping.

We usually ship orders within 24-48 hours of receipt – Mon thru Thur.
Orders received on Friday, Saturday or Sunday usually ship the following Tuesday or Wednesday.
Exceptions for Holidays, unusually large orders, orders requiring extensive Custom Packing or Labeling, and, of course, Incidents and Accidents beyond our control (things like the Nov 2012 "SuperStorm Sandy" etc.)

Once the order is shipped, you will get an e-mail with a tracking number.

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at: or call us at 702-637-5753.


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